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Journey of a purpose-led start-up: Part 1: Timeline

(Article originally published on Linkedin)

‘Purpose-led’ is the only way I can describe the innovation and growth journey that I have found myself on the last 4 years with Re-Imagineers.

At times it’s been completely over-whelming and I’ve never been able to shake the feeling that this was never about me – its about everyone else on this planet.

It has been a huge, unknown creative process that has fired up all my senses and made me see problems (and solutions) absolutely everywhere.

There is an adrenaline rush that you get from doing things differently and before other people, but there is also a downside of playing at the edge of work and society. Despite the amazing support from my network they they have continually offered me, without question; it has also been a pretty lonely, all-consuming existence.

I can only compare it to an artist, when they have a vision for a masterpiece but must spend years of pre-painting and pre-sketching to get the concept out of their head, before they can start work on planning the final canvas.

Through a series of blog posts, this month I will introduce each of the three phases that so far, it has taken me, to create a human technology start-up and the reality is most people would have given up by now.

There's the energising 'Re-Imagining' Phase – A blend of impact design and creative system testing

Followed by a more melancholy 'Yellow' Phase – Developing social science and client base but no tech to sell

And now the refined 'Iceberg' Phase – Back to the beginning to find the human tech breakthrough

All in, I think I've juggled 20 job roles in the last 3 years, maybe 30 if you count the actual operational roles required of any Founder building a company.

But through all this, something has kept me going and the answer can only be purpose and passion (in that order).

1. A feeling that I owe this to my network for all their good-will that they have offered me, in time, feedback and energy and the future shared capital model that I want for them

2. The knowledge that the current future of work system isn’t fit for purpose and I have personally felt the impact of this for the last 8 years on/ off. And so as any self-sufficient, entrepreneurial modern worker already knows, when there is no work, you are forced to create it...

Tech for Good is happening, but only in pockets. My hope is that through my experience, we can start smashing silos and have a broader conversation around:

  • Whether we are really asking the right questions of the new tech products and services that are being developed today?

  • Why we don’t take more care at the beginning to understand the future impact of the innovation we are building?

  • If the existing funding model is the reason we are solely lacking in idea diversity?

  • And how we can include more female voices at every stage of the start-up process?

If you feel you might want to be the change, can you support a human tech start-up that will accelerate the purpose economy?

Re-Imagineers is now raising to build its self-consultancy SaaS platform powered by a unique creative social science system. A smarter, faster, fairer way to re-design the future with employees and citizens, to focus Corporate and Government Innovation.

(Helping us get to market also brings great tax benefits for you - a win-win !)

To learn more or request a pitch deck get in touch with me at cat@re-imagineers.co or visit: www.re-imagineers.co | https://www.f6s.com/re-imagineers | www.twitter.com/reimagico