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"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change" Stephen Hawking

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change" Stephen Hawking

It’s not surprising that my career has been all about social intelligence and innovation.

My passion for creativity and change started at 16. I remember designing a 'digital art' project just so I could take the school's Orange Bubble iMac home for the summer! At University, by combining art and business, I found a way to study the commercial aspects of the creative industries. Everything from Publishing through to Architecture, Flash Design, Corporate Strategy and Direct Marketing.

My year-in-industry threw me into the emerging world of global digital, creating internal advocacy for a new type of marketing whilst building an online world for a trailblazing Pharmaceutical company. At 21 in 2004 (before Facebook was a thing), I was supporting an internal consultancy planning a very early 'digital transformation'.

This meant I didn't just see, but I also felt, the collision of marketing, strategy & technology. I took the opportunity to carve out an exciting new role for myself, designing the future using new digital platforms to share thinking/ doing.

Once you've lived in the future, you want to help others experience it too. This is where intelligence for me, becomes a form of expression.

What is it for you?