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In the Future of Work, Everyone Is Creative.

Working Out Loud (#WOL) Week has been celebrated across the globe this week, a movement that helps employees and teams have better conversations. Re-Imagineers is now going a step further, to help employees realise their creative potential.


Working in digital strategy has involved playing and experimenting at the cutting-edge of marketing, business, data and technology. Each new brief was an opportunity to build new creative customer experiences, design new strategy techniques and push the boundaries of how to 'do' digital in a social world.

People in this field have been lucky enough to be given the permission to get creative as part of their day job. With titles such as ‘Creative Strategist’ and ‘Head of Innovation.’

However, often because of these labels, Marketing has failed to involve and transfer these practices to their internal customers - employees who work closer to delivering inside the business, than delivering to direct to the public.

So we are now seeing businesses play catch-up.

And Management Consultancies are building their future revenue streams by purchasing Creative Agencies.


Social Collaboration and Design Thinking practices are fast becoming tools to do business, across the organisation and have become a great way to engage employees beyond their job roles.

HR is realising positive culture shifts can be made simply by giving employees the permission to share their ideas and foster collaboration to enable better team-working.

But the challenge now, is that most of these new tools and practices are being used by Management to gather digital ideas that keep them in Business As Usual mode.

This translates as:

“Give us new ideas to help us keep doing what we already know – just find us better ways to do this cheaper and faster”.

(Most Business Leaders, 2017)

With this old-school mindset, leaders will fail to miss the warning signs that times are changing and that their business models based on profit-only, are out-of-date.

New, agile competitors are applying the same methods to find new problems, solutions, and design new purpose-driven business models in response to the changing social needs, behaviours and values of our society.

The companies of the future are no longer concerned about just designing digital for efficiency – they have found a new innovation goal that gets customers excited.


This simple formula is how start-ups are becoming fully equipped to disrupt our insitutions and often it comes with a global-first product that

solves our unmet human needs.

This is already happening.

From Transferwise (moving from smart global Financial-Service-product (minus-crippling fees) to hassle-free, borderless bank account) to TruPhone (1 mobile account that works across 196 countries).

A Quick Win: Find Your Entrepreneurial Talent

The World Economic Forum, has identified that Creativity will be the third most important skill by 2020.

Today, the biggest opportunity that Leaders have, is to identify the employees who already have this Future of Work capability inside their organisation.

(Hint: It won’t just be those who have this written into their job description!)

Re-Imagineers is a new employee innovation platform to help leaders find and partner with their internal entrepreneurs, to drive new thinking and doing throughout the Org.

Based on a year's worth of Societal Future research with our global community of experts, we have uncovered and mapped the key traits and behaviours needed for the Future of Work.

Through this new creative science, we can help you find employees that are able to challenge the status quo but are also mentally resilient, embrace change and adapt fast.

Future of Work behaviours that you are unlikely to be currently measuring or tracking.

Once identified, you will have a unique talent pool of emotional intelligence that can help you identify new markets and grow future capabilities for your organisation.

Get Started today: Map Your State of Entrepreneurship

We are currently seeking investors and collaborative partners to test our new science and map the state of entrepreneurism inside their organisation, before we launch to the market with our beta tool next year.

If you would like to explore further with us, I would love to chat at +44 797 444 2764 or contact me at cat@reimagineers.co | @catsocialintel