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To My Female Mentors and Supporters in Australia (An Open Letter)

National Gallery Victoria, Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition. 2014

Dear Fiona, Astrid, Karen, Jess, Tracy, Gilly, Lisa, Hannah, Rhiannan, Athanasia, Gwenda, Kate, Katie, Anne, Claudia...

This Week, I wanted to tell you that I'm lucky to have you in my corner.

Last year was my hardest yet. Finding yourself on a purpose-led mission to re-design systems and business models (before a product) isn't a simple task, let alone doing it through self-funding. Add to that the challenge of creating a company from the other side of the world, when your friends, new-found tribe and advocates are on another timezone!

Thank you so much for sticking by me since I've been back in the UK, cheering me on and turning up to our endless Skype chats in the late eve's/ early morns to generously share your thoughts, ideas, feedback on my latest version of the Future of Work.

You saw the vision that I am looking to create, before anyone.

Without the inspiration I found in you and in Australia, it's unlikely I would still be here, persevering to turn (many) big, social ideas for change into a technological reality. Your energy and confidence in me as a Female leader is also helping me fight the system that little bit harder!

This might also be a reason why this new chapter is fast becoming my most honest and raw experience so far.

(It's only now that I have really understood the enormous responsibility that I've created for myself and where its all come from. There's been a lot to unpack and this requires so much more extra strength and courage to follow-through on what I've started!)

But energy is a daily challenge that I face being an entrepreneur with a long-standing Invisible Chronic Illness, where my fluctuating state of body and mind is not always doing what I need it to do, a lot of the time.

On a good day I have 50% less energy than the average person, on a bad day this can be less than 10%. And yet somehow, my creative brain keeps going at a million miles an hour!

If living in the Future of Work already has taught me one thing, it's how badly things need to change before we will start to see more female progress in re-designing the Future.

So, this Year I'm excited to share the next part of this journey with you and to see where it takes us....and along the way, I hope by opening up my own struggle of survival and safety, it will inspire other's to do the same.

Melbourne, Sydney AND Brisbane! I Hope to see you soon and Happy International Women's Day!

Cat x